Alisto! March 25, 2014 featuring PedSafePH

Our Managing Director, Stephanie Fjeld spoke about the challenges of the infrastructure in our cities, the need for education and enforcement. Watch this episode dedicated to Pedestrian Safety and join the movement. We need to make our cities more accessible and friendly to pedestrians, we need to educate everyone to create better traveling habits wether it be by foot or by car. And we need enforcement to work as a guide, to help those who do violate the laws, understand why they are so important. We all share the road, and should respect everyones journey.


Visiting San Joaquin High School

1000 excited students helped us round off this school year in a massive wow to be safe and be seen! Thank you so much for having us, we truly enjoyed our time with you and we hope you take your new knowledge out into the world with you and use it wisely! And again, a very special thank you to the teachers who always open up their schools with warm hearts and wide arms.



Visiting Pinagbuhatan High School

It’s not often we get to visit a school on a saturday, but these 250 students had excelled in arts and science and invited us to their weekend camp to talk about pedestrian safety.

Pinagbuhatan High School was a much larger school than it looks like from the outside and it took us a bit by surprise. Colorful yellow and blue buildings encircled us and the wonderful students were so organized and calm, sitting in perfect rows on the pavement. It’s admirable their level of structure, and it gives hope that it can be incorporated into Pedestrian and Road Safety.

We had a lovely saturday with all of you, thank you to the students for listening so intently, to the teachers for welcoming us into their territory and the camp leaders for helping us with everything. We hope you take as much away from this experience as we do, and please remember the things we taught you and always wear your reflector!


Visiting Ramon Magsaysay High School

Today we visited Ramon Magsaysay High School, located in the middle of a heavily trafficked Manila, we are so happy so many students had time to listen to our presentation. A very disciplined and polite bunch awaited us with honest curiosity for pedestrian safety. Identifying all the challenges they face everyday going to and from school we found common ground fast.

The students gave us great feedback on their newfound knowledge on pedestrian rules and regulations and we hope they take use of the reflectors we gave them. If only one life is saved, we’ve done our job well and we hope reaching out to the thousands of students in the Philippines will awaken an attentiveness when they fare on the roads and lower the statistics on pedestrian casualties and injuries throughout the country.

Thank you so much for having us Ramon Magsaysay High School, we truly enjoyed our time with you.


Visiting Saint Francis of Assisi College

Two schools in one day, after visiting at Bacoor National High School, we went around the bend and visited Saint Francis of Assisi Collge. What a contrast! Beautiful College with a grand outdoor covered area. After a trial run we opted to have the presentation inside in the canteen as the sun was far too strong for the projector to have any effect. Saint Francis, well known for their aptitude in  the sports section has over 1000 7th graders! Gathering all the student in the canteen became a very cosy task.

It never ceases to amaze us, how the students react and respond when we talk to them. Some may start off skeptics with a “it will never happen to me” attitude, but quickly see the other side of that coin when they realize how many of their peers it actually does affect. We love those “aha” moments on their faces!

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Visiting Bacoor National High School

This has to be one of the most¬†impecunious schools we have visited to date, yet the children and teachers were highly enthusiastic and welcoming. The students helped set up the future gym area for our presentation, carrying chairs and tables, hanging power cords through windows and always with smiles on their faces. A truly inspiring sight. We couldn’t even fit everyone in the compact area so students would hover along the outside to listen and watch our videos.

The students took to the presentation with seriousness and were shocked at the information they were learning. Which goes to show how important the education on pedestrian safety is, because people know very little about how wide it reaches.

The reflectors we distributed were wildly popular and a bit of a frenzy ensued, but all with good spirit! Thank you, thank you Bacoor National High School! We had the best time!We hope you learned as much from us as we learned from all of you!

Be safe – Be seen! And remember to always wear your reflector!